Our Mission: Preach The Gospel of God's love and Jesus' soon return through the arts

Elohim Ministries is an independent lay-ministry originally established in London England 30 years ago.  It is recognized and supported by the Ontario Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church of Canada.

Having fielded several successful plays over the years, to celebrate 30 years of mission, Elohim will be returning to its first original play "Seven Brides but One Wife the Fight of Her Life" significantly updated for 2018.

Picture of Dr. Nadia Prendergast

Dr. Nadia Predergast


Dr. Nadia Prendergast is the founder and playwright for Elohim. Born in London England, she moved to Canada where Elohim continued and flourished in partnership with Natlene Walters.  Dr. Prendergast's non-ministry profession involves teaching within academic and hospital settings.

Picture of Natlene Walters

Natlene Walters


Natlene Walters joined Elohim in 2006 as administrative director. Ms. Walters has been serving the community for nearly 20 years in the area of children's welfare. She is currently a team manager at one of the larger Children's Aid agencies in Toronto, Ontario Canada.