The Story

Long ago a beautiful princess was betrothed to a handsome Prince.  It was, and is, a match made in heaven. If only it were that simple.  As the bride waits for the Prince’s return, His rival fights for the bride’s affection. His hidden goal is not to woo her heart but break her spirit and crush her faith as a means of destroying the heart of the Prince. Will his scheme work? Will the Bride be seduced by the rival’s deceptive advances? Will the Prince return to find a faithful or unfaithful wife?

        The Play

The story “Seven Brides One Wife: the Fight of Her Life” is a modern day adaptation of the Biblical story found in the book of Revelation.  It focuses on the young bride: the church, as she grows up over seven different periods of history.  You embark on a compelling dramatic journey as the Bride struggles with painful decisions that will define her future. Sometimes funny, other times cynical, Seven Brides is, at its heart, a riveting love story. A story like no other: a Wife transformed by her life choices -a play that has you reflect on your own. 

 Smart, gorgeous, and a strong leader. The Prince is so lucky to have ME!  


Meet the Bride at different stages of her life

wedding venue

In every relationship the time comes when you have to rekindle the passion!


Looking for a true and faithful wife?I'll be true. Faithful?...Why are you asking so many questions?!


So what if I'm frigid? The Prince needs a wife not a firecracker!


Marriage is sacrifice. It has its bumps and bruises - but He is worth it.


My married life sure keeps me busy!


In the beginning It was Me and the Prince; but my girls have good advice too!

the rival

Do I tell the Prince the truth about His Bride ...or should I just post it on Instagram?

The Rival
Come Experience a Wedding like no other. A heavenly Prince an earthly bride a world of change 

Explore the truth behind the script